Moisture Detection

Our inspectors use moisture meters to determine if materials are moist enough to promote the growth of potentially dangerous molds in the home. Structural and safety hazards, such as mold, rot, and decay can be of great concern if the home has moisture intrusion. Our inspectors can find these conditions using moisture meters which can otherwise be difficult to detect.

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Radon Detection

According to the EPA, approximately 3 out of 4 homes in Colorado have elevated radon levels in excess of the acceptable guidelines. Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Any home can have a radon problem including new homes and old homes with or without basements.

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General Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual noninvasive examination of a home's current condition. Our home inspectors use custom reports that are easy to understand while being extremely detailed including pictures and descriptions in laymen terms. Home inspectors are trained to recognize conditions that require a specialist inspection.

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Why Inspect?

Many states require that the seller provide you with a written disclosure about the condition of the property. A home inspection can provide missing information about a property before a sale is finalized. Although you may be able to walk through a home and get an idea of the general condition, you won't be able to get the same detailed information that you will receive if you hire a home inspector.

Our inspectors are certified through InterNachi and follow InterNachi's Residential Standards of Practice whiling checkingthe roof, exterior, interior, foundation, basement, fireplace, attic, insulation, ventilation, doors, windows, heating/cooling systems, plumbing systems, and electrical systems for certain defects. When  provided with a detailed home inspection report, you will have a better idea of what an "as is" means regarding that home.  This information can be useful in negotiations or the decision to purchase.


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